Monday, December 03, 2012

The Sky Tonight

It is, for December, relatively warm out; 57°F.  I got my flashlight and walked down the driveway away from the house.  There's just a bit of a breeze touching the face; but higher up toward the top of the ridge there is the roar of a good wind moving through the trees.  There is no other sound but the creek down below.  I turn out the flashlight and look up.

There are no clouds in the sky, the moon is hours away from rising; and the sky is full of stars.  I am looking up through the silhouettes of tall bare trees into a beautiful sky of stars.  It is movingly beautiful.  It is an intimate identification with extraordinary beauty.  It is a gift rare and precious; an experience of immediate connectedness with something so utterly glorious.  It is as if looking into a still pond and seeing in the reflection .. my soul; the experiential truth of my being.