Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This evening there is a pervasive stillness

This evening there is a pervasive stillness, a peacefulness.
This stillness is the space within which everything unfolds.
It is always here; unchanging, deep, boundless.

Our practice, our path, opens us to this space;
and the experience of just being becomes more pervasive, ever deeper.

Here there is no story, no judgment;
there is nothing to grasp, nothing to cling to.

There is only this.

The breath moves in and out;
the muscles are a little sore from the gardening;
the stomach is working on the food eaten earlier;
the fan in the laptop purrs;
the light from the lamp glows.

Just this.

This space, this stillness, is always available.
We can rest here.
We can heal here.
There is no drama, no conflict, no separation.

Just this.

Only this.